Huxley is a South Korean minimalist skincare brand that harnesses the powers of prickly pear seed oil from the Sahara Desert in all of its products. Prickly pear seed oil contains vitamin E, making it an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also combats redness and acts as a skin-healing agent. This key ingredient is certified-organic and is carefully sourced in Morocco. If you have dry skin or are looking for something calming, these products are perfect for you, as they’re not irritating. Overall, the Huxley collection feels gentle and nurturing on the skin.

Discover the Huxley range, below.



Huxley Priming Essence Radiance Layer


Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream


Huxley Scrub Mask Sweet Therapy


Huxley Concentrate On Eye Cream


Huxley Oil Essence - Essence-Like, Oil-Like