Who We Are

Bringing K-Beauty to Australian shores and to the hands of Australian women and men has been a labor of love for Yonja Bombardiere. Her expertise, knowledge, and years of working with K-Beauty products give her as much fulfillment as it does excitement that she is able to finally deliver some of the most amazing dermatology and cosmetology products that Korean beauty has to offer. There is no doubt; Korea has the most advanced technologies, formulas, and innovations in skincare, making it a force like no other. Yonja knows this firsthand, after years of meticulous research into Korean products as a skincare enthusiast with a background in skin treatments and health. She truly understands the biology of the skin and has the simplest of philosophies: everyone should feel amazing in their skin, but also be consciously aware of what they are applying topically and how it affects their skin barrier.

Yonja’s focus is on curating and presenting a range of Korean skincare brands that she knows work; that are results-driven; that are refined down to clean and natural ingredients with a purpose; and best of all, are extremely affordable because such is the Korean culture. Only a handful of effective and natural ingredients are put through high tech processes that catapults Korean beauty as the lead in global skincare. This technology transforms the most natural ingredients into bio available and shelf stable versions, with see it for yourself results. 

Dermavault listened to their customers first and built the business second. The most rigorous of processes and testing goes into each and every sample and is tested on multi-ethnicity women and men with various skin types, conditions and skin concerns. Only those with the highest of grades have made the cut to be a part of the Dermavault skincare range.

Yonja’s mission is to bring the most effective and harsh-free formulations to beauty-savvy Australians. Dermavault’s vantage point is Yonja’s deep expertise in K-Beauty; the ability to identify and nurture the right Korean brands for the Australian market, making them relevant to the Southern Hemisphere lifestyle and climate. 

Dermavault is a transparent beauty destination which allows the customer to make the most informed decisions, tested on real Australian people with real skin concerns. Our launch in 2020 is on a continued mission to deliver effective, mindful, sensorial, and innovative K-Beauty skincare into Australian homes.

100% Australian owned and operated.